Sunday, October 16, 2011

Simple Happiness

I know that we are all complex creatures, but  honestly I am pretty simple about happiness.......friends, music,
a little yoga, good health  and I can't complain.......tonight I am so happy.  It has been a weekend filled with music, Rick, Skip Cochran, Connie Jean and I, played a songwriter in the round at The Heritage Festival
yesterday (friends and music).   Today, Paul Thorn played the Kentuck Arts Festival and we drove down to see Paul, and our friend Kim.......turns out my good friend Randy Palmer was there doing some mc work, my yoga buddy and sound guy extraordinaire Dan did Paul's sound, Steve and Judy were there, met some new friends from Memphis( music, friends, yoga) .......can you see me smiling through these words?????

I am not well yet, but so much better.  Yes, there are those who are going to tisk, tisk me and tell me I should have been home resting........but I needed this weekend, way more than rest.  Sometimes the spirit needs more than the body.....and the great thing about the steroids they keep the energy coming.

So are you out there shaking your head asking who in the heck is Paul Thorn?  As a songwriter, he is one of my greatest heroes.......his voice is blue and sometimes tough and sometimes sweet.......his songs are clever,
beautiful, sad, funny, he can rock, but he can caress too.......and he is a nice guy......and one of the highlights as a singer, I got to sing on stage with him and his band a couple of years was a good day.  Go to his website, give his songs a listen,
and if he is coming to a town near you, get thee tickets!!!!!!   Every time I see him, I am inspired to be a better writer, musician, and singer.....and you will always find his cds in my car, Ingrid.  That's me and Paul
in the photo today!

I hope your weekend was as good as mine.  And don't forget to go to Glee Give A Note and vote for Phil Campbell High friend Kim, who was helping Paul today, her son is the good looking young man in the video, he plays in the Phil Campbell High School Band.
It is time for rest now, and a cup of hot tea.
Blessings and Peace to you all tonight.


  1. You look wonderful Jilda. That's a good thing. So glad you enjoyed your weekend. It sounds like it was good for your soul! Steroids do give you energy. I remember that from when I had underlying asthma with pneumonia. The next day I was rearranging furniture and scrubbing walls (back when I could do that)! Great post. Hugs my friend!

  2. Jilda you are glowing with happiness and joy! Wouldn't dare tisk you for having a day full of light and happiness!
    I've put a link to the fundraiser on my FB page...fingers crossed!

  3. You sound like you had a wonderful weekend, good for you. I hope you recover completely soon.

  4. Beautiful Jilda!!! Meeting good friends and being surrounded by creativity are sometimes the bestest medicine ever! Take care

  5. Great post as always Jilda and I am so glad you had the chance to get that special time with friends that you seemed to need so much. Continue to take care of yourself and have a blessed week.

  6. As I wrote on Rick's blog, happy for your happiness!

  7. I'm glad you feel better. Good friends and a good time improve your health.