Friday, October 21, 2011

Yoga Warriors

Apex NC, just got in from Yoga Warriors first night of head is buzzing and my heart is full.

So you ask, what the heck is Yoga Warriors?  It is  an evidence
based yoga teacher training program for PTSD and the mind body connection.......healing the wounds of war, breath by breath.

No this is not an easy class/seminar......already tonight within the first hour, there were tears Sunday, we will probably fill the ocean.   We are truly a unique group, not all are yoga teachers, some are therapists, social workers,  health care workers.....with a common goal......give anyone, but especially soldiers/vets and their family members the tool that has been proven in a study that will be published in Jan. 2012
of helping PTSD.   What is being taught to us, can be used by anyone who has PTSD to help with the disorder...... trauma is
trauma, whether  it is caused by war, violence, accident, nature.
I  cannot believe I am so lucky to be here.....blessed to be here with this group, with this instructor.  This is where my heart lies in yoga, and I know without a shadow of a doubt, that what I have been doing the past few years and will continue to do can help.

Apex is a beautiful sleepy southern town, but is  vibrant and alive.  Someone had the vision a few years ago, to renovate and restore its historical downtown district.  All day folks have walked its streets, filled its shops and eateries and smiled at me a stranger from Alabama.  I feel at home, welcomed and relaxed.
If any of you ever get the chance to visit, drop by.......the food is good, the town is full of charm and the local yoga studio, Yoga Garden is truly a delight.

I have homework, so this is a short post tonight.....but I am ever so grateful for my path, for those I have met today and the guidance that I am getting.......
more to come tomorrow night.
Good night Sweet dreams


  1. Welcome to my part of God's green Earth. We live a few towns over...prbs 30 mins max. I told Rick I wished I'd known y'all were coming so maybe we could have met or I could have at least given you a few high spots to visit/eat/imbibe!
    Although it sounds like y'all are doing wonderful on your own. I have a Dr who is doing research at Duke for the govt. on treating ghost pain for soldiers. He was my Dr at the pain clinic I use for my back until he was asked to run this grant program. Soldiers need all the respect love and attention we can give.
    Bless you for your share and your heart..

  2. Wow I think it is wonderful that you are studing to learn how to help those who suffer from PTSD.

  3. Hi there. I agree with Jo-Anne, it is so good that you are learning to help people with PTSD. Those poor people need all the help they can get. Lovely photo by the way!

  4. After your President's announcement yesterday Jilda, it looks like you are going to be a very busy girl come the new year.
    Happy the troops are finally coming home...happy you will be there to help them readjust.

  5. Oh wow!! All the best to you Jilda and to your class and to all those attending. May healing and inner strength building begin asap. Take care x

  6. What a great idea this is. I wish you the very best in your work.

  7. Sounds like you are already benefiting from the seminar. It sounds like a challenge as well as a blessing. I know there is a reason you are there. All is good.

  8. What a wonderful and touching venture!

  9. Yes, trauma is trauma and it gripes my butt that there are people who don't believe there is any such thing as PTSD or depression. You can help a lot of people while educating the uninformed.