Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Live It Now

All week the universe has reminded me of how quickly time goes by, of how things change in the blink of an eye, and life is full of ups and downs.  One of my best friend's mom passed away unexpectedly last week, a cousin's husband died suddenly over the weekend, my niece Samantha got the job of her dreams this week, and her son Jordan starts daycare tomorrow........Rick and I will doing a music video in a couple of weeks, it is October,
and where does the time go?

Most days I think that I am doing most stuff "right".......you know, eating healthy, exercising, doing things I love,
spending time with friends and family......and then weeks like this past one make me think......but what must it be like, if you're not doing the "right" stuff ?   What if you are just daily going through the motions of living, thinking that you'll do things differently tomorrow or next year?  What if you spend your days, reliving your past?
What if you spend your nights wondering what if?  What if you think about getting healthy when you're older or doing something you love when you retire?

All that is well and good, I suppose, but honestly life just does not happen like that.  Life is to be lived now.
Let me repeat that.......LIFE IS TO BE LIVED NOW.   Some of us won't make it to be old, life will throw us curves and some of those we love, will pass early, opportunities come and go, and time goes by fast.

Life is to be lived now.......enjoy your friends, take care of your body, do what you love......call those you care about,  spend your time wisely, make the moments count........
Good health can be gone in the blink of an eye, so can a friend or a loved one......and a baby is twenty one before you can take a deep breath.

Life is to be lived now......all those cliches about time......they're true.  So this week like every other week, there has been happiness, sadness and everything in between.  I try to look at every experience now to see what I can learn from it......to hold on to the memories.......to appreciate the good and the bad.

Life is to be lived now.......I am trying to savor the moments, grasp every grain of sand that is slipping through my fingers,  and remind myself......live it now.


  1. It's always good to have those moments of taking stock and making sure we are really living in the moment! Thanks for the reminder...and hugs~

  2. Hope you are feeling better today.

    Sometimes future worries jump into the now living. Glimpses of what might be. Better to call each day the best and take care of business, the business of life, of caring, of loving, of looking after oneself. Try to anyway.
    - Joy

  3. Beautifully written Jilda. You are a wise woman.


  4. I try very hard to remember this, but it isn't always easy.

  5. Thank you for your inspirational words!! Take care

  6. Like Sarah said, you are right but it isn't easy to remember this sometimes.