Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Some nights it would be so easy not to  sit in front of this computer.......nights like tonight, it is no friend, but a taunting enemy  with no mercy.   It is important to me to not waste your precious time, to not blather, and not be frivolous with words........and there are nights like tonight.  Everything that comes to mind seems like fluff.

It is hard for creative energy and inspiration to flow, when the brain is not getting its fair share of oxygen.
This respiratory stuff is choking me physically and mentally.  It dawned on me today that for most of this year
I have spent a great deal of energy and money battling infections.  It has just been of those years, when I have magically attracted all bacteria and virus that comes into my space.  How can this be?  I exercise, I breathe,
I eat, in my head I think that I do everything right, but apparently not.  I am lucky, it is not cancer, or some horrible disease, and honestly there is a reason that the respiratory stuff attaches itself to me so readily.
Pardon me while I have a small private pity party.......and then I have to remind myself or as my doc once so brilliantly phrased it, "if you didn't do all the right stuff, you wouldn't be around".

There are times when I do look rather Camille-esque (you know, like death eating a cracker) but with this one,  I just feel like hell but look fine.....according to hubby Rick.....though my cough at this point sounds like the barking of a really tired big dog.  Ha,ha!

So, I started down this path to make a point tonight.......I know that there are many of you who deal with chronic pain, illness and difficulties in your lives that are just unimaginable.......You face obstacles  everyday
that many of us could not comprehend.  I appreciate your efforts, the blogs that you write, the posts that you leave for me, the simple fact that you "follow" me.   I never take you for granted, I am grateful for each of you,
for the wisdom and kindness that you share with me.  I know how precious time is, and I appreciate the fact that you spend a little of yours each night reading my thoughts.

My wish for all of us tonight.......we get a good night's sleep, we wake up to a beautiful morning, no stress, no pain and a day that is  happy and peaceful.
Good night, Sweet dreams


  1. Thank you for tonight's wish; I certainly wound enjoy that restful sleep. Now may you have the same wish in full measure given to you.

  2. Jilda,
    I am sorry you have been so ill. Hope you get some rest tonight.

    We won't be sleeping much as tomorrow the movers begin unloading our stuff into our new home. Talk about stressful! But exciting. :) Blessings to you.

  3. Jilda,
    I hope tonight you are having a restful sleep and your day dawns with easy breathing and great gulps of light and fresh air! You always mention others in your posts and it is so uplifting...feel better dear one!


  4. We all know if we are having cooking is not party in our kitchen every day..and sometimes we are hungry and do not want to make pics of the food first.
    Same apply about wiring..we do not need to have idea every's ok;)

  5. Same wish back to you. Hope you can sleep tonight.
    - Joy

  6. I hope you get better, Jilda! Rest, rest, rest! Take care