Saturday, October 1, 2011


It's one of those nights, when the head is empty.  It's not like it is always overflowing, but most of the time
there is something there.....not tonight.   What my brain really wants to do is sleep, not think, not participate in this activity of blogging.   Sometimes you just have to show the head who's boss! Ha,ha!

It has been a glorious fall day, we played at the Frog Festival this morning, spent most of the day there.  There were several thousand folks there today, most were smiling and having a great time.  How can you not have fun at a festival?  There's food....corn on the cob, fudge, pies, fried Oreos, snow cones, lemon aid, BBQ, and much much more.  All sorts of booths, I bought a bottle tree today to go in my old fashioned flower garden . And you see people you have not seen in a dozen forevers.  Then there is music, all kinds, from gospel to rock.   If you are interested in seeing photos from the Frog Festival, go to  

So, I am about to take a nice hot bath, have a cup of tea and call it a day.....I am all frogged out.
Good night, Sweet dreams


  1. Sounds like you had a great day, but no wonder your head is "empty"! Enjoy some down time and relax for awhile,

  2. My head gets like that at the end of a day, some nights I can not even watch telly because I am so buggaed

  3. You sound very tired,so I hope you had a nice bath and having sweet dreams while I am reading your blog:)

  4. That is a brilliant name for a festival :-)

  5. Frog Festival?!!? Wonderful! Take care