Friday, October 28, 2011

Warm and Soft

Happiness is a warm blanket.......that's what my yoga classes thought today.  Our temps never got out of the forties today, rain had fallen most of the morning, and the leaves here in Alabama are truly ablaze.  I made sure that the yoga blankets were washed and dried today and ready for class.  As each class got ready for savasana,
I asked if anyone wanted a cozy blanket.....almost everyone raised their hand.....and as I wrapped each one in their blanket, there were plenty of smiles.  It was a great start to their weekend.

Happiness for me tonight......purple flannel sheets, that are thick and soft and warm.  If you have never slept on flannel sheets when it is cold, treat yourself, to the thickest softest ones you can afford.  When you run them through the rinse cycle, add a little lavender oil......the sandman will find you with no problem.

I love the tactile experience, when I was a little girl my mom dressed me in organza ruffled dresses that were so stiff and scratchy,  for me as an adult, clothing had to feel good.....I became a fabric snob......touch was everything.  Even now, when I shop, I touch first, then look at the style.  My first major was merchandise and of my favorite classes,  textiles and fabric.

If you are feeling the first taste of fall, if there is a crispness in the air......I bet there is a favorite sweater  or jacket that you reach makes you feel warm, and cozy and safe and a hug from a long lost friend.  Enjoy your weekend, be sure to wear something warm and soft, and think of me!
Good night, Sweet dreams


  1. What is savasana?
    And yes we agree on the flannel sheets.Mine are now packed away..too warm for those here;)

  2. I used to get the cheapest duvet covers I could get (manmade polyester mix) until a friend got me 100% cotton ones and I've not looked back since!!

    Take care

  3. When our patients come into the operating room they always comment on how cold it is. I explain the reason for the coolness and also the fact that they aren't dressed as completely as we are! Then the favorite part of their day..when we cover them with a nicely warmed blanket. It can't remove the pain and distress they may have but it does give a quick bit of comfort in a cold, scary moment. P.S...I love my flannel sheets!

  4. My daughter also hated to wear anything that wasn't soft. She is still that way. :)

    I was given a new soft fleece throw and am glad since it is supposed to get down to about 40 tonight.

    Blessings to you - Marsha

  5. The feel of clothing is the most important thing to me. If it isn't soft enough, I am not interested even if the style is killer. I have one flannel sheet and so glad I have it.