Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ready for Change

The weather guy says chilly weather on its way to Alabama......high today 82, tomorrow.......52 degrees for a high.......pretty big change.  I am ready......for the leaves to turn, for the chill to hit, smell the burning leaves,
drink the hot cider, see my breathe as a mist in the air.

It has been a few really good days, I have seen so many old friends and heard from quite a few......I love the reconnecting.  I have been thinking of reconnecting a lot the past few days......you know when someone dies
all their friends and families gather together to mourn   their passing, to beat themselves up for not spending more time together, for not calling more.......why do we do that?  Why can't we get together while we're living?
Why can't we, share a meal, spend a few days together, feel the warmth of our hugs?  Relive old memories,
make some new ones, hear each other's laughter, taste the salt of each other's tears?

Sorry, the steroids tend to increase the emotional side of me.......as well as make me very aware of my mortal
side......this too shall pass.

We were hoping for rain tonight, but it looks as though the east will get the moisture, we will get wind and the cold.....and  October is traditionally one of our driest months.  Wait, I HEAR......rain on our tin roof!  Yeah,
a shower is giving us a kiss!  YES!!!!!!!

Ready for the change.......I know that often we all balk at change, it is fearful, sad quite often, hard.......but tonight......I am ready for the change of the season.......there is something about that change that makes me feel so alive and vibrant......soon I will be taking photos to share with you of autumn on the farm.....it is special.  I miss our apples this fall,  the April 27 tornadoes blew them away.....the trees was loaded, so were the peach trees.......so it goes.  Maybe next year.

My wish for you all tonight, if there is a friend you are thinking about, call them.......and if sadly they are no longer with us.......write them a letter, reliving some great memories, set it on fire.....and let the universe carry its love to them from you.
PS.  don't forget to vote for Phil Campbell High School on the Glee site!
Good night
Sweet dreams


  1. Great post Jilda. We all need to make the best of life. So true. Hugs.

  2. Have some friends good and best from the primary school.Love tehm cherish them.Mostly they come to me (wonder if it is because I am the best cook of all of tehm).I don;t mind they help a lot in teh garden..we in the summer put up tents in the orchard and have picnic on teh beach near buy and it is always great time and energizing.
    Voting voting ..so hope they will win;)

  3. I guess that during a time of tragedy - families/friends are more able to put aside their differences and get together.

    I was reluctant for summer to end a few weeks back but now I'm so ready for autumn and deep winter!

    Take care, Jilda! x

  4. Thinking of old friends and reconnecting through the universe is calming to me. Because I moved around so much as a kid and also as an adult I did not make many long time friends. But the ones I do have I cherish.