Monday, October 3, 2011

Still Blooming

A friend called me first thing this morning......I knew something was up, I could hear the excitement in her voice.
We have been friends a long time, we worked together in Dallas for years. She has been climbing the corporate ladder a long time, and this morning she told me all that she has ever wished for is coming true.
She got the promotion of a lifetime, and I can't think of anyone who deserves it  more.  She was laughing as we talked about being careful what you wish, you might just get it and then she made a remark about being such a late bloomer.  I totally lost it then, and told her about the blog I had written last night, she had been on the road and not had a chance to read it.  Then we laughed some more.

She will be living in NYC soon, and I will surely visit she and my other friends living there.  I know how hard she has worked to make her dreams come true, it really has been a long time coming.  We had great times working together.....and some great after hours too!  I think she had almost given up on her dream, because she and her husband had already begun to make plans to move out west.......and then all of a sudden.......her wish came true!

I have to admit I am a little envious, but another friend pointed out to me today that I am still blooming......
so maybe all our dreams will come true!  So tonight, here's to all those late bloomers, (including myself) whose wishes might not have all come true, but we're still blooming.


  1. After your post yesterday, this is wonderful news.

  2. Congratulations to your friend and thank you for your optimism. I might bloom with something other than boobs someday.


  3. How fun for your friend. And isn't it wonderful when we can share in their excitement.

  4. Yay for your friend!! And yay for you too!! :-) Keep blooming! Take care

  5. As long as we know how to dream:))

  6. Do we ever know when we stop blooming?

  7. In response to granpappy's question, I figure as long as we're on top of the grass instead of under it, there's still time for more blooming.

  8. I'm happy for your friend. It is wonderful to have your dreams come true. I hope yours come true also.

  9. Never give up trying to bloom! sandie