Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Thoughts

Fall is my favorite time of the year, and fall in Alabama has been beautiful......clear blue skies, low humidity,
and the color will be peak perfection by the weekend. The temps have been perfect too, 6o's for daytime highs, 30's at night......my kind of weather!

I shot the photo with my I-phone this afternoon, down behind the barn.  There are lots of golds, because of the hickories and oaks, but the reds.....the dogwoods and sweetgums are just beginning to shine.  Every morning when we walk, you can see the changes, the color and the angle of the light.  

We have had some frosts, but nothing major, no killing frost as my dad use to say.....just enough  to let the plants know change is coming.

Tomorrow will be six years ago that my mom passed.  As I walked this morning I thought about her passing.  She had been so sick, those last few weeks, that I rarely left her house.  I do remember the day she passed it was cold .......what I remember most.......on the way to her funeral
I asked Rick when had the leaves changed color.  The sun was shinning, and it was that clear blue Alabama sky, I just remember the color of the leaves was dazzling.
I think it was the first time in weeks that I had noticed anything around me.......but those beautiful fall colors seemed to shimmer hope that afternoon, the first that I had felt in maybe months.  She was sick almost two years,  and honestly there is not much from those two years I remember.....just the caring for her.

I have two friends  who have lost their mothers in the past couple of weeks, it seems odd that their mothers passed during this beautiful autumn, it made my friends' losses more poignant and sad because I was already feeling the sadness of the anniversary of my mom's passing.  

The first day of November marks the beginning of our second tornado season ( yes, we are so lucky, we have two) strange beautiful weather, our fall season in Alabama.  Only two months left in 2011, how can that be?  Time does have wings.

Don't forget to vote for Phil Campbell High School on the Glee,  Give a Note FB site.....we are in first place!
Thanks to all of you, just  six more days to vote, so keep up the good work!  
Good night Sweet dreams 


  1. I lost both my parents in the month of October. It's strange the things that signifify them to me...the wild turkeys I would pass in the fields going up to see them, the geese migrating, the leaves, the chill, the light....these things will always bring them back to me.
    Two tornado seasons? That hardly seems fair.

  2. I lost my Dad in the fall and it is always present in my mind when the seasons change.

  3. I am lucky that I still have both my parents and that they are both in good health still..........Although Friday will be the first anniversary of my pop's passing.....

  4. My father is over 80 this year.He married quite late in life and my mom had em late and kind of unexpected(my brother is 14 years older than me).
    My father was very sick couple of months ago..and that gave me wake up call and made me worry.He is my best mate..best

  5. I love the fall too. It is nice to have a break from the summer heat. I feel very lucky to still have my mom. She is 84 and still in pretty good health. My father died some time ago.

  6. I love Autumn for a lot of reasons. I'm sorry for your sad anniversary.

  7. What a most glorious picture to capture the beauty of autumn and to remember your wonderful mother by. Take care

  8. Hi Jilda,
    we've had a gorgeous fall here in Southern Illinois as well. Just perfect!
    My mom passed away Dec. 5th 2009. It will be two years next month. It always seems like just yesterday to me. It's tough being an orphan.
    Love Di ♥

  9. I have been voting every day so I am hoping your high school wins the help.

  10. I lost my Dad in the fall too...in November. I think of him everyday and I know he would want me to always celebrate every day, every season. He loved life. I'm sorry you had such a sad time with your Mom but seeing the beauty of this season can sure give peace and comfort. I hope your week continues to have beautiful weather.