Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dream a Little Dream

I had strange, really bizarre dreams last night.  I woke up thinking where the heck did those come from?
Dreams are interesting aren't they?  They can seem so real,  so good, so frightening.   When I was a child,
I had nightmares often.......they still come, but now when I wake up with my heart racing,  in a sweat, I remember to breathe......and to remind myself, it's a dream.

In times of stress, I have a recurring dream that is beautiful and calming.  I suppose it is my spirit's way of coping when life hits the fan.  It is one of those dreams that is so delicious, so beautiful that I wish I could dream it at will.

One of my dreams last night  involved a friend that I had not seen in a long time......he invited Rick and I to his house, when we got there, there were hundreds of people around but he was no where to be found.   As we were leaving, he appeared and asked why we were leaving......then I woke up.

I know that dreams can be helpful,  I have dreamed incredible songs,  dreamed solutions to problems,
and experienced dreams that encouraged me to follow my bliss.......or to change paths.  I use to keep a dream journal, I probably should again.

There is a gentle lazy cold rain falling tonight, I hope that it encourages sweet dreams......there is talk of snow for the next couple of days.......that could inspire some dreams too.  I wish sweet dreams to all of you tonight, dreams that will encourage you,  and inspire you, dreams that will be so good, your whole week will be smooth and joyous.    Maybe you'll even "dream a little dream of me."

Goodnight Sweet dreams.


  1. I don't dream often (or if I do, I don't remember them)and if I do remember them they are usually so messed up I have no idea what they were or what they mean. Thank goodness they aren't usually scary.

  2. I often wonder about the dreams I have that keep recurring.
    Same dream over and over.
    I am crying in my dream and then I wake up crying. Strange???

  3. Some nights I have the weirdest dreams and will wake up thinking WTF was that all about and I have a habit of waking from a dream to go to the toilet then go back to bed and have the dream just pick right up where it left off which I think is odd but it is something that runs in the family my mum and daughter are the same...........

  4. Hope you only have beautiful calm dream, Jilda!

    I get recurring nightmares when stressed too! Especially work ones - yuck!

    Take care

  5. Dreams are indeed interesting. I would like to have more dreams that are inviting and kind. During the first moments of awakening, it is difficult to let go of the dream even if it is an unpleasant one. When I was younger, I would dream of inventions. As a young mother I would wake up with ideas of items that should be made for babies and young children that are helpful to mothers. Some of these items are used by many mothers today so apparently other people had the same dreams.

  6. I have vivid dreams every night. Some are nice. In most of them I am traveling somewhere!

  7. When I have weird dreams I always call my Sister who's the dream interpreter of the family....then we laugh at her reasons for the dreams!