Friday, November 11, 2011

Blackie Bear

I write about Blackie Bear often......he really is my guardian angel, always watching me ,never letting me out of his sight.

He does not like to have his picture made, so for me to snap this photo this morning was quite a feat!  You can tell he was not happy with me taking his photograph!

We had just taken our walk and he was resting on the back deck, always watching, making sure all was ok with me!  

He is snoring as I type this blog,  and I think he would be embarrassed if he knew you all were looking at his picture. ......he would grunt and maybe walk away, or if he really trusted you,
he would just fall down at your feet and let you pet him!

We have five dogs, but he is mine.  The others like me, I feed them, they walk with me, but their preference is Rick.   Blackie Bear is all mine.   He was a throw away, the vet figures he is maybe fifteen or so.  Yes, he is old physically, but I believe he is an old soul too.
I swear, he knows when I am sick........he is super protective and watches my every move.  He knows when I am sad or happy.  He and Charlie (who passed this spring) seemed to be on this earth just for me........sometimes I just lie down in the floor beside him and tell him how much I love him, and how much better my life is because of him.

Bear watches over Jordan too, when Jordan is here, Bear makes every step, going from room to room as Jordan roams around.  When we are outside, he never leaves the two of us and if I have to step inside for a moment, he stays with Jordan.  Jordan has asked why Bear follows him around, I told him that Bear is his protector, his angel.

His snores are really loud now, I just scratched his head and he seemed rather annoyed
that I woke him.  I know many of you have animals that you love.......isn't it amazing that they love us back!  I will always be grateful for the animals that have wandered into my
life, the love they gave me and the lessons they taught me.

I hope we all sleep as soundly as Blackie Bear tonight, I bet you all can hear him snoring now!
Good night, Sweet dreams


  1. I can feel how you love animals and it pleases me;) And who couldn't love this big black cuddler;)

  2. Awwww Blackie Bear is beautiful!! What a sweet lovely doggie! Love that he is all yours and watches over Jordan too!

    Hugs to you and all your amazing woofies! take care

  3. Everyone should have a Blackie Bear.

  4. Look at that dear old man...what a sweetheart. May his dreams be all of kibble and happiness.

  5. What a sweet post Jilda. We had a dog named Gypsy when I was a kid and my father swore it was his Grandma come back to watch over him. My father was far from crazy. For him to even say something like that, I believe it to be true to this day. Gypsy is long gone now and so is Dad. I'm sure they are together. Blackie Bear sounds like the most beautiful soul. Give him a pet for me!

  6. What a nice looking dog at this moment I have our dog DC laying watching me since we lost Dylan, DC has been allowed inside a lot more...