Friday, November 18, 2011

Creatures Coming Home

Rick drove into Birmingham this morning to do an interview for one of the newspapers that he writes for.
I was sitting on the sofa, watching the two cardinals that have come home, and I saw movement in the woods across the road.  I thought at first that it was our neighbor's dog, Rebel,  (don't make snide remarks, he is a magnificent bull dog, with the most beautiful golden eyes) but then I realized  it was the little fawn
that I had not seen in months.  She peeked through the undergrowth before she jumped across the road into our yard.  She has grown, but not a lot.  She walked daintily up to the bird bath and sipped water, then munched on the suet at the bird feeder.

She turned and looked at me, as if to say hello.....I'm back, you may feed me now.  I watched as she walked  
down the road to the barn.  I scurried to the kitchen, got a couple of apples and took them down to the apple tree where she and the rest of the family came to visit last spring........By the time I made it back to the house she was eating an apple.  

So, our wildlife are slowly coming has been  strange to look at the bird feeders and have no birds, and to not see deer in the back yard.   I  have not heard the owl that lived down behind the barn, and the woodpeckers are still silent, but maybe with time they will come back home.  Ever since the April storms, there has been an eerie absence of  creatures around the farm.

The chipmunks are still around, and they drive the dogs crazy.  They hang around the front door, teasing the dogs, and when the dogs go out, the chipmunks have a an escape route like no other.
We have an underground drainage system, so when water flows off the roof, the pipes carry the water 
to the stream in the hollow.  The chipmunks have learned to jump into the pipes and while the dogs are going crazy at the house,  Alvin and his friends are down at the creek laughing at them.  You would think the dogs would smarten up,  but not yet.

It's Friday, glad to see this weekend.....we have a lot to do.  Rick and I are doing a music video Tuesday.  So, the song has to be worked out, wardrobe has to be perfect,  and do you think I can lose ten pounds by Tuesday?  Wishing you all a weekend of rest, and renewal.  Safe travels to you who are on the road.....and for tonight.....good night, sweet dreams.


  1. Nice to see old visitors back.So I had Obviously) a male hedgehog which we named Mr.Hopkins.He was lucky that all other animals accepted him readily .Last year as we were sitting on the veranda we saw Mr Hopkins wandering in the garden with new Mrs.Hopkins and two little Hopkins kids;))

  2. So glad to hear the animals are returning. It's so wonderful when they know they can trust you; I'm sure they will help calm your soul. The chipmunks and dogs story is just a hoot. I'm sure the video will go well. You know what you'd tell your students - prepare well, then let it go, with no worrying!

  3. Glad to hear your wildlife is coming back. The ten pounds thing...uh, well...spanx?????

  4. I love to hear about your animal friends, and I'm glad they are returning :-)

  5. Seeing the cardinals again is a thrill, isn't it? I too am admiring the snow birds and the cardinals and finches. Even a gray day with ice pellets like today can be fun as I watch out the window at the critters and the birds. Nice to hear you having a peaceful time.

  6. It's hunting season here and soon we won't see any deer for a long while. I always worried the deer would bother our gardens in the summer but we've never had a problem and the Grandkiddos sure enjoy seeing the fawns come and play! Have a great weekend and good luck with your video.

  7. Sounds like your immediate environment is ideal for animal watching. Believe it or not, this is my first winter to feed birds. I keep the feeders filled and have the heated birdbath just off the patio. My binoculars are sitting on my bird book. (I'm slowly learning) This morning I discovered a speckled woodpecker with a little red on his cheek.
    If you lose that 10 lbs by Tues, let me know. I have 10 lbs to lose by March. That's 3 months away and I know it will be a struggle. :)

  8. Yes, I'm positive you can lose ten pounds by Tuesday. I don't know how, but I'm a glass half full kinda girl.


  9. You are so lucky to live in an area where there are such lovely animals around.