Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Vision

It will soon be time to build another vision board.  I looked at my old one today,  much like the ones in years past, there are  pictures that became reality and others that are still waiting to happen.
The arbor that I had posted two years ago is finally built, the honeysuckle and jasmine planted.
New songs have been written, and gigs have been booked, even a video filmed....and I completed my 200 RYT in yoga.

But then there are those pictures still waiting........the cd to be completed,  travel,( I did buy new luggage today) songs to be used in movies/tv shows, more frequent/better paying gigs, a new addition to the house,  did I mention travel?   

The board works, there are skeptics, but if you take the time to develop the board, really think about what you want in your life, and put it all together as a vision board, look at it every day, it works.
It serves as a reminder of the life you want, the life you seek.  As a guide, or map, your vision board
keeps you on your path,  provides the vision for that which you seek.

I am already collecting pictures and phrases and words for the new board.  It is always a mix of old and new........and life changes......some things that seemed important last year,  don't seem quite so 
pressing now.......and others that didn't seem to take center stage, will have more visibility on the new one. 

I stopped making resolutions years ago, but these vision boards, for me they are so much better.
They hold my feet to the fire,  if you put them where you see them daily,  they demand your attention,
and serve as not so gentle reminders about all that you said you wanted, the life that you saw yourself
living.  As soon as the new one is ready, I will take a photo and post it.

So, how do you make your own vision board?  Start thinking about your life, the things you want,
the life you want to live, the people in it, places, things you want to do, to achieve.  Then start
collecting photos, pictures from magazines and publications, word/phrases that re-enforce those thoughts and dreams and hopes.  For instance, it you want to travel to a certain place, be sure to include pictures and descriptions  of where you want to go, if you want a new job,  same thing, pictures and descriptions of that new career, lose pics of how you want to dress,
doing healthy things, and healthy foods.  

How ever you "vision" your life for the coming year,  think it through, glue it all in a pleasing collage
on some poster board, and get ready for results.  No, probably not everything will come to pass, but who knows, maybe it will!   Place your vision board somewhere so you will see it every day.......and let me know your results.  Many of us have lost our vision for our lives......we spend every day making a living, caring for those around us, our visions lost along the way.   Take an hour or two, create your
vision board.....all you have to lose.....some glue, a few pictures, a couple of hours.......and all you have to gain........maybe the life you wished for long ago.


  1. A vision board sounds like an excellent idea. I think I would put London and Paris on mine because I want to see them so much.

  2. Oh now see I want a vision board or ten!! I have so many dreams in need of actualisation! Thanks Jilda! Take care