Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Normal Day

A nice normal day.......that was today.  Just regular stuff, laundry, shopping, cleaning and hanging with the dogs.
I cherish these days.......these days fuel the weeks when there is no stopping, no slowing down.  These days keep me sane and well.  The fall color is still rocking my world, and a cold front coming through tomorrow will just remind us that it truly is November.

I got my flu shot today, I know there is much controversy about the shot......I can tell you this.....there have been years that I had the flu even though I got the shot, and years that I had the flu with no shot.  The years I had the flu and the shot, the flu was much milder than with no shot.....just my personal experience. What can I say,
the flu is hell regardless.

Blackie Bear is already snoring, I think he loves the time change.....he likes getting up when it is daylight(so do I) and  as darkness falls, he's ready for bed......I think he is on to something!  Now I hear Buddy snoring,
these dogs, eating, sleeping  and walking to the barn........that's when life is good for them!  Come to think of it,
it is a good life for me too!

Blessings of peace and contentment to all of you tonight.
Good night, Sweet dreams


  1. Who would.t love normal days:) Well flu shot I am all for it! Haven't had a fly(well soem colds) last few winters and use to have it before shot really badly.Sleep tight:)

  2. I, too, get a flu shot every year. And normal stuff is such a nice change from the hustle and bustle. As long as they don't happen too often. lol

  3. No flu shots here...each to their own.
    There is nothing more special than an ordinary day.

  4. Most of my days are ordinary days, and that's just how I like it :-)

  5. It's nice what you wrote about ordinary days. It made me think to importance of spare time.

  6. I'm always the first in line for my flu shot!!! I had proper influenza once when I was in my 20's (before I started having the jab) and it was the closest to death (seriously!) I've ever been. I remember the doctor visiting me wearing a mask and gloves. Never again!

    Hugs to Blackie Bear and all your beautiful dogs!

    Take care

  7. Nice normal days are the best! Here's to having many more!