Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Eye of the Storm

I know that in the past forty-eight hours that there are lessons being taught to me, but for the life of me right now.......I just don't get it.   That is how life is sometimes, the lessons bombard us, we are beaten over the head time and again........and they just don't make sense.  How do you figure this stuff out?

Tonight, I tell myself that the rest of the story, the moral of the lesson.......those are to come.  I think the past two days have prodded me to rethink, to reassess where and why.  My head is dizzy from the drama of today......... Do you ever have those days?  I think someone peeled away my skin and everything hurts tonight, inside and out.

Have you ever wanted to do the right thing, to help someone, know in your heart  that you could help them......and for whatever reason ended up in a  storm of wrath?  Let me tell you, I was in the eye of the storm today and it was no fun.  

All I have been able to do really is just joke about it......I refused to waste my tears.  Thanks for letting me whine and bitch some more, surely this stuff has to be over and out of here by tomorrow.   Sorry to be so vague, but it would do no good to give the details and it is time for me to let it go.

I know we have all felt this frustration,  and bewilderment, and I tell myself tonight.....this too shall pass.  So, blessings to all of you tonight,  may tomorrow be smooth sailing for us all........and a special blessing to the storm maker,  I hope the anger and fear that dwells in your heart fades away.

To end on a happy note, I had not seen a red bird (cardinals) since the April 27 tornado, we had two at the feeders this morning.  Life really is good.


  1. Wish I had some great words of wisdom to share with you to make all the storm pass on. But sometimes only time helps and only time can give us a proper perspective on the lessons we're learning.

  2. Tomorrows another day. Don't waste any more energy on ths one.

  3. Maybe your cardinals are your doves of peace. May you be blessed with peace and calm tonight. Rest well.

  4. Ouch. Stepping away isn't easy. Breathe. Your word pictures painting the cardinals is much appreciated.

  5. I hope the storm passes for you soon.

  6. Sometimes the lesson is just patience and forgiveness. Those are deep lessons I have to learn over and over. God bless, I'm sorry you got caught in a storm with someone.

  7. For whatever reason you need I hope your storm passes and calm and serenity once again rule your roost...or the vicinity of...

  8. Whatever happened - wrap it up, put in a trunk, lock it down with chains and throw it into the deepest part of the ocean! Rest and may tomorrow bring more of these beautiful birds! Take care

  9. Surely it will pass... I always tell myself, why waste time to things that you lost or you cannot pull back, i would rather do something now to make a difference tomorrow.

    Hope you had a good rest Miss Jilda and for sure, a fresh and beautiful breeze will give you a new things to enjoy after all of these had passed...


  10. All I can say is been there, done that, and will probably do it again because I can't seem to stop myself from trying to help.


  11. I've been having a heck of bad week and today something came up that just caps it all...so I'll try and take your advice and put it behind me...Maybe. Hope your day is much better and happier!