Saturday, November 5, 2011

This Old Road

This is the road to our barn......the road that we walk every day.  It is amazing to watch the seasons change walking down this dirt road.  Right now, the trees are full of color and soon there will be no leaves, only the pines and cedars providing shades of green.  Hopefully some time this winter, it will be covered in snow.  In the spring the dogwoods and hydrangeas and wild honeysuckles
show colors of soft pink and shades of white.  In the summer, a canopy of green shades us from the heat.

I have watched Jordan run miles up and down this road,
I have walked this road sobbing with sorrow, and laughing with joy..... Spider webs have hung like lace curtains and glistened in the sunlight with the morning dew, and snakes have slithered across it.  Rabbits and squirrels have teased the dogs, wild turkey and deer have left their tracks, and once even a mountain lion crossed it in the snow.

This old road is timeless, there are places where you see nothing, not the house nor the barn, and it seems you are a million miles from anywhere.  It has become my favorite part of our property, this old road.  It is a great place to think, to walk, to run, and sometimes just to sit down
and look out into the hollow and daydream.  It is a place to leave your worries, and let yourself be in the is a great place to breathe.  It is a road that goes nowhere, yet will always take you someplace,it will take you home......and when you feel the wind blowing in your face, you know it is the same wind that has
blown here since the beginning of time........this old road, has become an old friend.


  1. I think you should be very glad to notice these things and nature around you:)

  2. What a beautiful piece of land. To be able to walk this every day is special indeed.

  3. Oh how lovely, I think everyone needs a special spot to be alone with their thoughts~


  4. It's a beautiful timeless road! Long may it remain there! Take care

  5. How wonderful to have a physical place you can go to and just be still.

  6. The road home is the most wonderful road.

  7. Those special places are wonderful to have. I have one up in our woods. I think you need a painting of that beautiful road.

  8. That is truly a beautiful spot. Reminds me of a place I used to go when I was a teenager and needed to get away. Enjoy that beauty!!!