Sunday, November 6, 2011


I went to buy groceries early this  morning, around  eight,  Sunday morning is a great time to grocery one is there!  By a quarter to nine I was back in the parking lot, loading the car.  I heard a woman's voice
behind me, "excuse me, could I ask a favor?".  I turned around, a young woman in her early twenties stood before me.....I could tell she was probably under the influence of some drug, she moved slow, her speech was a little slurred.  She told me her husband had beaten her ( her mouth was busted,  her face bruised) and had pushed her out of the car about ten miles up the highway.......a couple had picked her up and brought her to the parking lot of Walmart.  Her mom lived a couple of miles away, it was cold and she asked if I would take her to her mother's house.

I asked her if she wanted me to call the police, but a look of panic crossed her face, and she told me she would walk to her mom's.  I stood there for a minute, looking at her, and trusting my instinct, told her that I drive her to mother.  But first, I needed to call my husband.......I asked for her name, called Rick, told him what was taking place, gave him a description of her and where I was going.

She got in the car, she couldn't buckle her seat belt, I buckled her up and the first thing she wanted to know
 was if I wore tinted contacts.....she kept telling me I had the prettiest blue eyes she had ever seen and that she couldn't believe I didn't have tinted contacts in.  I talked to her about her husband,  I told her that an abusive situation would only get worse.   That she needed to talk with the police, and get out while she could.
 She said that was the same thing her mom had told her.  I urged her to go by the local college ( block from her mom) and sign up to study for her GED.  I am not sure if anything I said registered.  When we got to her
mom's house,  a man was in the front yard, and she mentioned rather fearfully that it was her mother's boyfriend.  I asked if she would be ok,  as she was getting out of my car, she just said thanks for the ride.

I have thought about her all day.  Uneducated, abused.......what chance does she have?  Yes, she was drugging,  thin as a rail.....she looked like an abandoned puppy that no one wanted.  The sad thing, I think there are a lot of young women like her.....who think they have no options, no choices.  They are the invisible, the ones you don't look at when they pass by,  or maybe you cross the street to avoid them.   I have said countless prayers for her today, that  life would be kind to her, that a second chance would be given and she could start a new life.  That she would know love and kindness, that she would have contentment
and peace.

So tonight, when you say your prayers, say a prayer for her and all the others like her........who live in hell on earth, who think there are no choices, there are no options, that no one cares.  Pray for her safety, pray for opportunity, pray for courage and wisdom, pray for them all.........the world she lives in, is cold, hard, dangerous, and in the midst of us all.

God bless us all tonight.........peace.


  1. Oh Jilda, that was a good thing you did today.

  2. I have prayed for her. I feel so sad there are many people like her in the world. In Vancouver there is a place that takes in girls just like her. It is called Covenant House. My hubby gives to them every month.

  3. She is so lucky this time to have met you.In such state ...I hate to think what would happen..

  4. Oh how awful! That poor woman and her mother. Oh dear. I'm just glad you were there to show her a little kindness. I hope hope hope hope some of what you said registered. I hope so. Poor woman.
    (Shake fists at these so called "men"!). Take care

  5. That was brave and generous of you and kind of you to keep her in your thoughts.

  6. We are so blessed in our lives it's hard to imagine a life like hers. Thank you for showing such love and compassion for one of our Lord's daughters.

  7. Jilda, That's heartbreaking. Thank you for helping her.


  8. That young woman may be mired in a run of bad luck, but her luck changed when she asked you for help. Bless you. Hopefully, some of what you said will make a difference. For whatever reason, the words from strangers tend to carry more weight than when the same words come from dear ol' Mom.

  9. You did all you could Jilda, good job.

  10. That poor woman...thank goodness for people like you. You could have turned away. I hope your kindness makes her realize that there are good people out there.

  11. My heart aches for her and all the women in her situation. It is frightening to me as a woman/mother to think of how easily abuse is handed out to women.

    Thank you for going the extra step..