Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stubborn Words

I have started at least a half dozen different entries tonight, and erased them all.  I had a couple of photos, but those got canned too.  It is not easy to sit here and share night after is a tightrope to be walked....and some nights it just seems too precarious to walk it.

The dogs are patient, Blackie seems to know that I am struggling, he is not even snoring tonight.  Rick is playing his word game with his sisters on his phone, there is no time limit, only the one I set.  Tonight I have to let go of expectations and just know the words are stubborn, they refuse to  be at my beck and call.

Expectations are such a set up for yoga we are taught to let them go, but it is hard.
They are such a human thing, to expect for life to be a certain way, you expect for certain things to take place, you expect.....and yep those expectations just lead to disappointments.  It's like expecting the words to flow like honey every night, Ha,ha.......tonight they drip, like the tiniest drop of dew on a blade of grass.

Good night, Sweet dreams


  1. Dear is very simple to solve.You don't have to write every day.I use to do that in the beginning of my blogging,but as I often write about is not party every day in my kitchen(nor in my head to have so many new ideas).
    So in time I let g.I do one or two posts a week and hope people like them.I do my best.I read a lot what other people write.Sweet dreams too;)

  2. Dzoli makes a good point. If you start fixating on blogging every day it will become a chore. You want to enjoy this.

  3. Dzoli makes a good point. If you start fixating on blogging every day it will become a chore. You want to enjoy this.

  4. We all have times when we sit and nothing comes we just sit and stare at the screen and think what or what should I blog about today.........
    sometimes we think of something but when we see what we were thinking about written if front of us it doesn't look right so we scrap it and start again...........

  5. Expectations are a bit of a trap. I've let go of mine. Life is kind of exciting with no expectations!

  6. Do only what you can, and let go of the rest.

  7. Your muse is telling you to rest, Jilda! The words will flow soon enough! Take care

  8. I'm with Belle on this one. I've tended to let my expectations go. That way, you can't be disappointed!! I used to blog almost every day, but just can't do that any more, so I do a few posts a week, which will hopefully be of interest to somebody out there! There are times when I feel desperate as to what I can write about and, of course, that only makes things worse. Have a little rest my friend.