Monday, November 28, 2011

An Early Snow

An early snow......well, for us here in North West Alabama it means  maybe an inch or two and it will be gone by tomorrow afternoon.  But, it is so beautiful as it falls tonight......big, wet, white flakes.
They are heavy, the kind of flakes that as they fall, they grab each other, and soon you have two or three flakes falling down to earth together.  I love snow.   I love the smell of fresh fallen snow, and I love the sound of silence as those flakes drift down toward ground.

It has been raining since yesterday, and rain began to change to snow around 3:00 this afternoon, changing back to rain and now back to snow.  An early snow......I love those words.....there is magic
and romance in those words.  Yes, it is cold, and damp.......but probably by the weekend our temps will be back in the 60's and all will be right with the weather world.

An early snow,  the dogs are snoring, and so is Rick......I sit here and watch the flakes fall, shinning in the street lamp.  Blackie Bear will make snow angels tomorrow if we have enough snow, and Jordan will run and throw snowballs.  I know that people make fun of how we react when it snows.......but it is a rare and special gift for happens so rarely, it is true, we cannot drive in snow and ice,  we lose power, and for a day or two, our world shuts down.

An early snow, a gift from the universe......something beautiful and rare,  a reminder that good things remain,  a little bit of heaven on earth,  a taste of peace.


  1. I'm glad you're enjoying your snowfall.

  2. Oh wow - I'd love snow right now cos it really makes me feel chrissmassy!!! I love the thought of Blackie Bear making snow angels! Yay! Take care

  3. We may get that snow tomorrow. Usually we will have gotten some by now but it's been a warm November. That's a rarity here and I loved every warm day. Now I'll brace for the snow that won't disappear until Spring..but I will think of your lovely words and try to enjoy it more!