Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You Fill A Need

Our first rainy day in who knows when.......the rain started yesterday, by last night, pouring.......still raining tonight!  It sure sounds good on the tin roof.  With the rain, came the birds.......since the April 27 tornadoes, our bird feeders have been empty.  But yesterday, I saw two cardinals and a mocking bird and today more cardinals.   Maybe our world is righting itself, finally.

My classes must have sensed that I had had a couple of tough days, my students were so caring, and telling me over and over how much they loved coming to class.  I needed it.  It's kinda funny how, our needs are met.  Phone calls, e-mails,  you never know how much they mean.......just follow your heart and let people know that they are loved and appreciated.  By the way, thank you all for your comments last night, you all are so wise, so kind.

Rick made me promise tonight, that I would not allow myself to become jaded, that I would walk away from it all,  that I wouldn't let myself to become bitter.  Nothing is worth the hardening of soul and heart,
nothing is worth allowing bitterness to swallow you up.

Don't forget, if you get the urge to call or send someone a note, do never know what is going on in their life, and your words, your voice may be exactly what keeps them going on, may be just what they need to face another day.  We all fill a need in each other's lives.

Good night, Sweet dreams


  1. Rain.Not really looking forward now and singing every day(hail hail go away come back another day).
    My strawberry fields look fantastic and I hope to keep them that way till the soon harvest:)

    p.s. I am having Giveaway at my blog till 23rd November..everyone s welcome;)

  2. God knows when we need encouragement and he knows the right people to send along with it. I loved the reds as you called them and I found the collie:) Have a great rest of the week and a wonderful weekend. Hope your laryngitis clears up soon!

  3. A lovely post Jilda. Rain = Life-Giving Water


  4. Awww lovely Jilda! Here's a little note and a little wave to say hello and have a great day! Take care

  5. You've got a wise man there...good advice.