Saturday, November 26, 2011

One Track Mind

This morning as I was downing my third cup of coffee, I picked up Wednesday's newspapers to look at the Black Friday sales ( I am a little behind, I know) after looking at all the advertisements, I looked at Rick and told him that I hadn't missed a thing.    He was a happy man.

My sister then called and told me that   not only was her Christmas tree decorated, but she had almost all her Christmas shopping done.   I am so depressed.......I must be the only person in America who shops in
December, and decorates her tree two weeks before Christmas.  Oh yeah, her gifts are all wrapped.

I  am still wishing I had pumpkin pie from Thursday,  to go with the stuffing that I ate for dinner tonight.  I must be living in limbo land, but it is a happy place to be.  When I was grocery shopping today a woman told me she was buying everything she would need for her cooking in December, I told her that I was buying what would feed Rick and I for the next few days.......I didn't know what I would be cooking in December.

Somewhere, I got off the merry go round,  well truthfully I was never on is all my brain can do to process Halloween, then Thanksgiving and then Christmas.......I cannot multi-task them all at the same time.    I mean, Rick took down my harvest flag today, to hang his Alabama Football flag,  now I have to hang the harvest one again........I have a one track mind.

Good night Sweet dreams


  1. I can only hope I will have everything done a couple weeks before Christmas. And as to what to fix in December to eat - I can't get past breakfast in the morning. I think your sister is the unnatural one.

  2. Life is like a box of chocolates...and so are people! Each one special and different with their own unique tastes!

    Rock on with your selections!

  3. No rush for Christmas. It will get here when it gets here whether we're ready for it or not.

  4. If I have to scream this out one more time : It's only NOVEMBER, people, it ain't Christmas yet - put away those decorations!!! LOL!

    Awwwww you do things at your own very normal and more sane pace than people who seemed to have celebrated Christmas already and are well on their way to Easter. Good grief! LOL! Take care

  5. Living each day as if it were important and participating in life each day sounds wise and healthy, don't you think? Some people enjoy the preparing and the anticipation; others like you are more mellow and enjoy each moment.

  6. I think you've got it right. Enjoy each day, season and holiday in its own place. Trying to have it all at once will not only drive you bonkers, you'll miss all the joy!

  7. Plenty of people do their shopping the day before Christmas, and some never do it. Not at all. Why worry?