Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Study In Red

Our fall has not been the prettiest this year, but slowly the reds are beginning to glow.   No matter how beautiful the golds and oranges are, the reds are my favorites........I wanted to share the crimson with you all tonight.  I am glad I took these photos this week, because we have storms moving in Tuesday, so we will probably lose most of our leaves.
The photo to the right, doesn't it look like candy!  This is actually one of our wild blueberry bushes.  We are so lucky that there are several on our property.  Sometimes they are called huckleberries.  No matter what you call them, the berries are nice and tangy, the flowers are beautiful in the spring, and the leaves are breath-taking in the fall.

If you look closely at the next photo, you can see our newest dog in the background......Caillou the wild and wacky collie!  This is the old road that leads from the barn to the house.  Everywhere around us the reds are ablaze!
I hope you have enjoyed my spread of red tonight.  May your week be filled with peaceful days and blissful nights!


  1. I had to really look for the dog but I finally found him.

  2. What a great colors those are;)In autumn when I drive on one particular road(Desert Road )here,there is mountain range on one side and the colors in the bush and on the hills with little white dots(sheep) are like postcard.Lucky the road is not very busy so I can drive slowly and feel Huh I discovered the dog!:)happy;)

  3. Fall is such a beautiful time. I love the reds.

  4. I can just about see your beautiful dog, Jilda! Oh but the reds are stunning - vivid and overwhelming! Beautiful! Happy autumn! Take care

  5. Reds are my favorite too! Something about the way it stands out amongst the lighter colors. You have a collie! I had on also. Tri-colored. He was such a good dog. Thanks for my birthday wishes!!

  6. Jilda
    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. I realize you are Rick's wife and I enjoyed reading about your song and performance of Veterans Day on his post.
    Red leaves are lovely with that vibrant splash of color. My favorite, too.
    Huckleberries are Montana's state berry (if there is such a thing :) ). They are probably a different strain from yours as our climates are so different. Bears love huckleberries too and that's why I don't pick them. I let the swift of foot do that. Ha.

  7. Beautiful! Give Caillou a hug for me...

  8. i love it... nice pictures...

    hope you are having a good start of the week...