Saturday, November 19, 2011

Good Music News

There is a wonderfully unique music store in Birmingham called Fretted Instruments.  It is owned by a friend and talented musician, Herb Trotman.  If you are ever in the city, drop by, sit on the porch or one of the comfy sofas, pick and grin,  have a chat and enjoy the best atmosphere of any music store you have ever  visited.

Each Christmas Herb and his folks produce a Christmas cd to hand out to their customers......a couple of months ago Rick and I submitted a Christmas song that we had written with our friend Tracy Reynolds.
Today we got a call confirming it is on the cd, which will be out the first week of December.
The song is The Christmas of My Dreams,  Rick and I recorded in our little home studio.  So excited!

Herb has been such a good friend through the years.......several years ago, I did some volunteer work
at a home for "at risk teens".  One of the boys wanted to play guitar.....he had lived such a difficult life,
the director and I thought a guitar might give him a better perspective on his future.  Rick gave him a few lessons, and it became apparent that this young man had talent that most only dream about.
I called Herb and told him the story, he gave us a guitar for the facility, and the young man just about wore it out.   Music  did change the boy's life.  He became a lead guitarist for a Christian rock band,
is married with three children, went to college and calls Rick and I  a couple of times a year to let us know how he is doing.  Herb's kindness truly changed someone's life.  So if you are ever in need of a
"fretted instrument" and you're in the Birmingham area stop by and see Herb.

We have almost finished the song that we will be doing for the video Tuesday.   (I know we are cutting it close)  and tomorrow, I get our wardrobe together.  There is a lot to this stuff!
Just wanted to share the good news,  seems many of us had a not so great week things are better for me, and I hope they are for you too!  For all of you who have asked to hear us, you will soon have the opportunity!  Be kind with your judgments.


  1. I will probably never be able to come and visit your great friend and musician..but I would be very happy if by some wonders of modern technique you guys could put your song for all of us here to listen too;)

  2. Indeed, good news. A happy outcome for the young man. Congratulations on having your singing/song on the Christmas CD. Good thoughts your way for the video.

  3. I can't wait to hear your music soon :-)

    The story of the boy who was helped is going to make me feel good all day.

  4. Glad things are starting to turn around for you. Congratulations on being on the CD.

  5. Awww Jilda! You are so lovely! You helped a troubled teen find inner peace through music and now he's thriving! That's just beautiful! Yay for Rick and Herb and his fretted instruments too! Take care

  6. What a great story. Makes my week!

  7. I'm with Dzoli post us a video so we can all enjoy