Wednesday, November 9, 2011


A long day, just very tired tonight.......but an incredible drive home.  Almost a full moon I left work the moon shimmered in the night to the east the clouds that had brought rain to day were still hanging to the west, nothing but stars.  The temps are dropping, as I drove up and down the hills, fog rolled minute there were stars and a big silver moon,  the next foggy you couldn't see anything.
It was that way for the fifteen miles or so home.......stars, moon.......then fog......over and over.

I hope you all are bathed in moonlight tonight.  What makes it so magical?  To step outside on a chilly autumn night, see the stars and then realize that everything around you is bathed in seems ethereal, other worldly, and then to have the fog lying's just not something you see every day.  Isn't it wonderful how the ordinary can become so extraordinary!

Tomorrow we have to bring the trees inside......freeze warnings!  Yes, we have several trees that live in our house in the winter......a mango, a couple of avocado trees, a lemon, a grapefruit.......I have to admit by tomorrow night we will have a forest inside our house!  It's always an adventure when we bring the trees in,
it never fails........some creatures come  in too.  There have been lizards, chipmunks, all sorts of critters that have to be caught and carried back outside.   It is rather cozy with the trees, sorta of like living in a tree house on ground level.

As I said earlier, I am very tired, and there is still much to do tonight.  I have written early, hoping that I can climb into my warm comfy bed soon.
I wish you all moonlight and stars, restful sleep, and sweet dreams.


  1. You will soon be living between the trees;)

  2. Nothng like the magic of a "silver dollar" moon.

  3. Sleep well. Loved your description of driving home tonight. Very peaceful.

  4. Moonlight...I used to love going sailing in the moonlight with my Dad. We had races called Moonlight Regattas that were done under the moon and stars. Twinkling and glowing above and reflected on the water...breathtakingly beautiful.

    Sweet dreams hope you get lovely rest...

  5. The moon was amazing last night - very full and round! Lovely!!

    Please rest now lovely Jilda! Take care

  6. I love the moonlight. I don't look at it often enough.

  7. It's been raining the whole day today and until i went to bed around 10pm. We dont have trees but tropical flowers and two palm trees... There form part of the interior design during the cold season...

    Have a good rest Miss Jilda!


  8. Moonlight makes me think of other worlds and the fathomless universe we live in.
    I would love to live in a house filled with trees.

  9. My hubby was commenting about the moon last night bright and it just gave his drive to the church a special glow! Hope you got some rest.