Monday, November 14, 2011


It has been a Monday..........not getting phone messages, having to cancel something really important,
working hard on something at work, and dealing with bronchitis that has been with me since May.
UGH!!!!!!!  Ok, the whiny bitchy  me has left the building.

It is November 14, and at 9:45 pm it is 72 degrees, way too feels tropical tonight.  Showers
just blow through, and the wind has not stopped all day.  I know that many of my friends and family love it when our winters are warm and mild, but I just feel out of sorts.  Warm days are ok, but I need the cool nights.  All right, I lied in the first paragraph, I am still whiny bitchy me.  Let me rewind and start again.

Classes today were wonderful.  Tonight at my community class, three people who took my class a long time ago,  just showed up, wow!  It was great,  and everyone left with a smile on their face!
Classes at work were awesome, but a little sadness, today there were some goodbyes.  That is the toughest part of the job........but it is also the best.......because my students leave and hopefully go out and live the lives they were born to live.  I have to believe that  they will make wise choices, take care of themselves, and live peaceful, contented lives.......that is my prayer.

For those of you who could not find the collie in the bottom picture last night, look down at the bottom, just behind the leaves, he's there.  I think maybe I should do more of those photo studies,
you all were so kind with your comments!

It takes a lot of work and effort to be a whiny bitchy me,  I am very tired, and maybe a good night's
sleep will sweeten me up!  Ha,Ha!  (Rick is probably saying never)
Good night, Sweet dreams


  1. It's the weather. Same here. Crazy windy but warm, grey and cloudy. It has me feeling - I don't know - like something is wrong.
    Please be careful with your bronchitis. What I thought was just bronchitis turned out to be just a case of walking pneumonia. Yeah, just what I need a dose of steroids now to cap off my "I can't shake this feeling" I've got going on!

  2. Sleep well tonight. Wind does not make a person feel settled. It is cold in my area today - sunny, very windy and about 6 degrees C. Nothing that encourages a walk. That bronchitis has been going on way too long.

  3. One of the reasons I want to be in AZ in the winter time is for the sunshine. I do not like the clouds and rain or snow or sleet or any of those things. They do not make me into a nice person. So I'm really excited that this week is supposed to be sunny and I can recharge my batteries. Sleep does help but sunshine is better.

  4. It is good to write all these feelings down ,I am sure you feel immediately bettet.Tommorow is another day.And hope for you a cold night;)

  5. Everyone has their moments or days of feeling low. I'm sorry you have been sick with bronchitis so long. Goodnight and hugs.

  6. Hope you get to feeling better. Yep I had walking pneumonia myself so take it easy there. Hope it clears up quickly.
    Here's to gentler, COOLER days ahead for you...

  7. Hope you woke up refreshed and raring to go :-)

  8. Oh bronchitis - not good! Please take care Jilda and do please do have a good night's rest! Take care

  9. Some days you've just got to let it out. Tomorrow will be better.