Tuesday, November 29, 2011


"Contentment, is an inner feeling of calm"  - Andrew Weil

Dr. Weil has some interesting things to say about contentment........he suggests writing what you're grateful for in a journal, meditation and practicing deep breathing.  All things that I teach in my yoga classes......so nice that someone as respected as Dr. Weil is speaking about these simple things that work.

Each time I have new students in my class, and I began to talk about breath work, meditation, writing down what you are grateful for........most look at me with bewilderment.   It can't be that simple they say,
there has to be more to it.  I tell them that it is true, life happens and there will always be difficult times and great times.......but for most of the time.......it's that place in the middle where we are day to day.  That is where the breath work, meditation, yoga and gratitude come into play.........those tools will help you get through the difficulties, helping you stay centered and focused.

Sometimes we have to change friends, or lifestyles, .......but if you find yourself surrounded by folks who are always down, who see nothing but the dark......I promise you, soon you will be just like them.
According to Dr. Weil there is much research showing that depression as well as contentment is contagious.  I believe that, just as I believe fear and hate are contagious as well.

Contentment is obtainable for everyone,  but we have to look within........buying something, a new relationship,  anything external can go away.  But choosing to be content, being grateful......that is something that takes place within and it is within our power, it is our choice.

There is evidence now, that even when you are down, if you force yourself to smile, the physical
movement of those muscles will help  you feel better.  Looking at fresh flowers, trees, anything in nature
changes the mood for the better.  And yes, breathing, awareness of the breath  will make you feel better.

Dr. Weil's new book is called Spontaneous Happiness, it's an easy read, a sensible read.   If you think contentment is beyond your reach, think about reading it.......and remember to breathe, spend time
outdoors, eat fresh healthy food, drink pure water, exercise and know that you have a great deal of power,  over your own health and happiness.......your own contentment.


  1. This is true happiness comes from within, keep up the good work.

  2. This is a very positive, uplifting, hope filled post. Thank you.

  3. I work with someone who never sees contentment in her life. Her mantra is "I'm old and I need a life"- as if her maturity and existence are to be dismissed (she dances, takes photography lessons, creates her own jewellry and she's still so miserable!!) I'm a natural empath and more often than I care too, I absorb her negativity and just want to dump it elsewhere! I wish I could show her this post!

    Take care

  4. Right now I have to get past some sadness to get the place of contentment. I do like to read the positive advice in your blog.