Monday, January 14, 2013

Spread Some Sunshine

Call me crazy, say it's a waste of time and energy.......but I decided about a month ago, that I wanted to try and raise the vibration on FaceBook.  I know, what a joke, right?  But it seemed that there was so much hate and darkness  being spewed on that site, it made me sick each time I went on line.
I joined FaceBook to let our fans and friends know where and when we would be playing, to post times for my yoga classes and to touch base with friends that I didn't see that often.

So after being sickened by the ignorance and hate that seemed so rampant I decided that each and every morning I would post the most beautiful pictures and the most positive up-lifting things I could find.  Well, you would not believe how many people have sent me notes, stopped me on the street telling me how much they appreciate what I am doing.  I know, it's just my little corner of the world, but don't you think if everyone did that we really could change the darkness to light?

I have often talked about how fear spreads hate, it spreads like a flu or virus that has no boundaries, a poison that has no antidote.  We all are so much more alike than we are different, we all want the same be loved, to be healthy, to have a warm dry place to live, for our children to be educated, to have food to eat.  So call me Pollyanna, or Susie Sunshine or whatever.........I believe we can do it......we can love each other, we can see the good in each other's hearts, and we can put an end to this incessant babble of fear and hate.


  1. We so need more Susie Sunshines in this dark grim world!!

    Take care

  2. Ah Jilda, could I be right in saying that you have the heart of a true hippy.

    I deactivated my Facebook account because I was sick of having people all sort of things on that were tasteless or annoying. It was just too much in my face. Facebook is an accurate name. I felt so much relief after I got off facebook.


  3. Jilda, I apologize, in my rush to get back to work I made all kind of mistake in my post. I'm sure that you got the

    people put all sort of things on there that were tasteless or annoying.

  4. I'm not even using facebook anymore. I deactivated my account.

  5. I'm not a fan of facebook because of the very reason you stated...and I applaud your approach. Maybe all of us should try it for one day and see the results? We also forget the power of "one" go girl!