Thursday, January 3, 2013

Emotional Day

Thanks for the kind comments about my Vision Board.......I keep it out so I can see it daily.
Sometimes it is in the laundry room ( seems I spend a great deal of time there) or it just sits in one of the chairs in the great room.  Everyone's boards are different.......Rick's board is more unified, pictures are about the same size, placement is organized......mine is sorta like mind confetti......all shapes, sizes, strewn all over the place.

It seems my classes this week have been extremely spiritual..........
It is the beginning of a New Year, a very poignant time to be in an addiction rehab facility.
My students have asked questions on a variety of subjects, most of them dealing with their struggles to believe that someone loves them, no matter what.  We talked this week about this being a New Year, and the start of a new life for them.  I have to remind them that the world is still the same, that once they leave the safety net of rehab........they have to make wise choices, they have to make hard choices......such as, do they/can they keep the same friends, if they are in a relationship will it continue, what about their physical health, do they keep the same career or are they forced to change paths.   Hard stuff.  All I can do, is assure them of my love for them, remind them that they deserve to be loved, and that life is meant to be lived not only one day at a time......but one breath at a time.

The sun came out this afternoon, and though it was still very chilly, seeing the blue skies did everyone some good.  This morning, in the still cold grey light, a dazzling blue jay sat at our bird
feeders and gobbled his breakfast.......jays are my lucky birds, I took him as a sign that all was well.
It has been an emotional day, I am very tired........but thankful for the blue skies, and the blue jay.

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  1. Jilda, I think that it's so admirable what you're doing at the addiction centre. I'm sure that they drain you of energy but at the same time it's rewarding. That's what giving of yourself is all about.

    One thing I have found dealing with immigrant from Bosnia during the crisis was that they needed so much comfort and it was totally draining me of energy but at the same time it was rewarding.

    My son is caring for one of his friend who is an alcoholic and is helping him to get into a rehab centre in Ontario.