Saturday, March 4, 2017

Saturday's Doings

As I washed the yoga mats today a big yellow butterfly danced around the deck.  I was surprised to see her this early.  Yet, I shouldn't be.  Spring has truly announced herself around these parts.
Everywhere you look there are tiny leaves showing their faces.  Temps are mild and pollen is thick as the curls on Jordan's head.

Our local PBS station has had all musical shows on tonight.  Watching PBS on a Saturday night has always been a favorite past time.  Through the years I have watched all the kids shows with practically everyone of  my nieces and nephews and now I do the same with the greats.  It is something that we donate to yearly.  I love their programing.

Tomorrow I hope my energy comes back and I can do just a wee bit of house cleaning.  I have not been able to give much attention and energy to the home front this week.

Hoping that your Sunday is peaceful.  May you all experience kindness in the most unexpected way and may you give it in return.
Goodnight,Sweet dreams


  1. The butterflies must be a sure sign of spring. It's still very cold her. Wishing you some energy to carry on your house cleaning.
    Have a nice week. Hugs,

  2. No butterflies in our parts but buds are forming on many of the trees and lilacs. Still enjoying a mild winter up here!