Monday, March 20, 2017

The World of Hook

Having a deaf dog is challenging.  That is an understatement.  Most days Hook ( deaf pit bull) manages to understand what is expected of him.  Today was a whole different world.  It started as we got ready to walk this morning.  I had Taz all ready, then Lady (Jordan's dog) came over and that is when the circus began.  Hook, Calliou and Lady became so overcome with excitement about the walk they moved furniture around.  Finally I had Taz's leash on and we all moved out the back door.

The excitement built.  All four dogs began to run around the back yard, playing with their toys and barking non-stop.  Can we say spring fever?  I finally got the back gate open and they just about knocked me over running into the field.

Usually they run, but stay within visual range.  Hook and Lady jumped an animal, Calliou follow suite and Taz did her best to break the leash.  Calliou came back after he heard my yells, but Lady and Hook ran through the woods, jumping over a ridge.  I could no longer see either of them.

Normally I yell and Lady returns with Hook beside her.  Today about thirty minutes later Lady came home without Hook.  I walked back down to the barn and across our newest property, no Hook.
I got in my car and drove a mile in either direction thinking he might have made it to the road, no Hook.  I had the neighborhood kids looking for him.

I came back home, went back to the woods, no Hook.  I started to worry.  I called Rick.  An hour had passed, he'd never been gone this long.  Rick called back to say he was coming home from work to help me roam the woods.  I looked out the back door and Hook was at the gate barking to come in.
He knew I was glad to see him.  He knew I was not happy.

Tomorrow Hook starts his training with a vibrating collar.   Keep your fingers crossed for us both.


  1. I'm glad Hook hasn't lost his sense of smell to find his way back home. It's a whole new world when not on a leash.

  2. Glad he's home! We had a dog named Ferris that would make his escape if someone left a door open for longer than a minute! Thankfully he always made it back...once from the local dog pound!

  3. It is a challenge. The collar sounds like a good idea.