Monday, March 27, 2017

Rescued Flowers

This morning as I walked, I did a walking meditation instead of my usual brisk walk.  I breathed, I tried to notice every thing from the soil that I was walking on to the vegetation around me.   When I passed a couple of trees at the edge of the yard a little patch of wildflowers were blooming.

When Samantha (Jordan's mom) was about his age now (9) she and I went on a search and rescue mission.  We had found out that the company which owned the property joining ours behind the barn was about to clear cut the land they owned.  Sam and I walked those trails so often, we knew where the wild flowers were on every nook and cranny.  We took shovels and cardboard boxes and we dug up as many we could.  We planted them around the yard.

Those little wildflowers that I saw blooming this morning were some of those we dug up almost 20 years ago.  It made my heart soar to think that we had saved them and they were still blooming.
Spread some love and kindness tomorrow, it's important.


  1. Mother Nature sure took great care of those little transplants over the year. I wonder what kind of wild flower those are.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. You must feel rewarded for transplanting those plants. Lovely.