Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Gone

The last day of February.  It's gone, can't get it back or do it over.  Our strange and weird weather continues.  We have had no winter.  January and February have felt at times like April and May.
Everyone I know is coughing, sneezing and sick.  It will be interesting to see what spring brings.

A small class today, but powerful energy in the room.  It was such an incredible peace that covered us like a blanket.  Honestly, I wish I could have bottled it and sent it to all my friends.  These days are magical and remind me of why I love doing what I do.

Early class in the morning and then off to see the pulmonary doc.  Getting the cough that will not leave checked out.  Storms are supposed to move through tomorrow afternoon.  Our friends to the north keep your eye to the sky it's headed your way.

Wishing a hump day that is as smooth as silk.  May we all get a hug, a smile and a kind word.


  1. I hope the doctor can help you get rid of that cough. It sounds serious.
    It's nice when you see the fruit of your labour.

  2. I think the reason I don't love spring the way many do is because of the constantly changing temperatures. A person's body doesn't know how to regulate itself. So it gets sick.

  3. I hope you're Doc visit was good and you're feeling better. So many at work are sick with the "crud". My back was my only problem and thankfully it's much improved! We also had warm weather and storms ripped through here last night. Tomorrow snow is in the forecast. March is coming in like a lion!