Monday, February 20, 2017


Our dogs are funny creatures.  Taz is usually my dog, but sometimes she decides that Rick is her lord and master.  Calliou usually just wants to herd us.  Most days Hook belongs to Rick.  Today, Hook has decided he loves me.  He has made every step I have made. He took a nap beside me.  He never left my side when we walked today.  Tonight, he is my best friend.  Tomorrow I bet he belongs to Rick again.

I look at those three dogs.  They are so different in looks and personalities.  They are all three rescue.
They are so loving and seem so grateful to live with us.  They have enriched our lives beyond measure.  They really are our best friends.  We are lucky.

Monday was a good day as Mondays go.  Hectic and long, but good.  Wishing a Tuesday that brings some laughter and good times and a little bit of luck to everyone.

Sweet dreams, good night


  1. I'm glad your dogs are good company for you. They are lucky to have you.
    Peace and joy.
    Hugs, Julia