Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Good Saturday

Our friend and sound man extraordinaire  Fred, helped us revamp our sound system this evening.  Our load in and load out just got faster, and much lighter.  We grilled some steaks and Fred shared his genius with us.  Fred and I work together.  Our meeting, our friendship, it just all came together  as the universe intended.  He is a wonderful human.

On the drive home tonight, we watched the moon play hide and seek with the clouds.  It is sultry tonight, way too warm for a February evening.  The clouds seemed rather foreboding, big and blustery.  I think we have storms headed our way later.

It has been a good, productive Saturday.  Chores done, grocery shopping done, rehearsal for our gig done, good time with Fred done.  Ready for some Public Television, the British comedies are my favorites and a cup of hot tea.

Wishing you a Sunday of peace and rest.  Spread some kindness, share a smile.


  1. Yes, I would say a very good day...
    Have another good day today