Friday, February 24, 2017


We live in the country on a small farm.  Our neighbors are close, about 100 yards for the nearest.
We find ourselves in an interesting situation.  Neighbors to the south of us, we are not sure exactly which ones, shoot their guns almost every afternoon.  Today was a beautiful warm day, 80 degrees with blue skies and fluffy clouds to be exact.  We were walking our property with the dogs and the shots started.  It is un-nerving to say the least.  Calliou is noise sensitive so he starts to salivate and freak.  There is a gun club less than five miles away.

Hunting season is over.  It is obvious that who ever is shooting is doing it for the fun.  I understand all the rights about owning a gun.  But I think I have a right to walk on my property and feel safe.
If we call the county sheriff's office it will take them about an hour to get here.   Since we don't know who is shooting, it really won't help to call the police.

We have such a beautiful place.  I am beginning to feel like we live in a war zone.  We have neighbors who suffer from PTSD,  they are vets.  I can only imagine what these afternoons are like for them.  Can anyone offer suggestions?


  1. I wish I had an answer for you. Hopefully they aren't shooting at each other.

  2. Calling the police and filing a complaint - is the only reasonable solution.
    However, one should be aware of the fact that in a country where a democratically elected president finds himself rejected by those who haven't voted for him, the chances are that law protection will be selective from now on.