Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday's Hopes and Thoughts

To all things there is a season.   This evening we had planned on going to see a good friend perform at a coffee house we will perform at soon.  But the nagging cough and fatigue was not to be denied.
Tonight was a season to rest.  I will call the pulmonary doc on Monday.  Enough is enough.

The weather guy had forecast a sunny afternoon.  Well maybe somewhere but not here.  It has been damp and chilly and even my beloved hot tea has not warmed me.

Dinner with a glass of wine has eased my depression over not seeing our friend tonight.  Salmon, new potatoes and asparagus  with a little white wine is the perfect meal to welcome warmer weather.

The dogs are already snoring.  Soon I will snore too.  Wishing you all a Sunday of peace.  A good friend's father has passed and we will attend his service tomorrow.  The loss of a parent is so difficult, no matter the age of the child or parent.  May we all know comfort, may we all find kindness and may we all share a smile and may we always know we are loved.

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  1. I hope you feel better soon Jilda. Wishing you some warm sunshine and comfort.