Sunday, February 12, 2017

Whiney Baby Tonight

It has been a strange week.  We knew we had a leak in Rick's bathroom. We got it fixed.  But, there was still water coming from another source.  Today, my nephew Haven and Rick found another leak in the wall behind our fridge.  Please don't anyone tell me leaks come in threes.  :)

When our house is in disarray I feel totally out of sorts.  Until we are sure about the leak in the kitchen and everything is completely dry in the bathroom, nothing is in its place.  I am breathing, nice deep breaths,  but I just want floors put down, kitchen stuff put back and things back where they belong.  I know in the scheme of things, this is nothing.  I am just a big old whiney baby tonight.

Wishing everyone a Monday with no bumps, curves or detours.  Sending peace, joy and kindness to all.  So ready for my cup of hot tea.


  1. It looks like you need a new roof... Leaks are such a pain. I just had two ceilings repaired because of leaks that happened a few year ago after an ice storm and thaw and renovation in the upstairs bathroom when the plumbing was bring renovated. No fun at all.

    Tonight, I'm missing my daughter Nicole terribly. I've been hooking on my rug and I could barely see what I was doing. Not a fun time for me either. I feel like I'm on a roller coaster this week.

    Life is full of twist and turn.
    Peace and joy to you too my friend.

  2. I don't envy you the clean-up. It can be as bad as the leak.

  3. Always so frustrating when the house has a big upheaval Jilda, hope you sleep well, tomorrow is another day to fix stuff. Hugs.

  4. and then I read Rick's post - small spray over time = huge job removing/replacing and fixing. What a lot of hard work to get that clean up underway and etc. Yuck.