Sunday, June 25, 2017

Expect the Good

The gig went well last night.   Not a big crowd, but an attentive and appreciative one.  Our friend Skip Cochran opened for us and our friend Fred Miller did sound.  Surrounded by friends, doing what you love, what more could you ask for?

Today was rest and recovery.  Two thirds of the way through our show, the Meniere's/vertigo/migraine kicked me, triggered by the lights.  I have learned to always keep a bit of medicine in my pocket.  I finished the show, but was sick all the way home.  Life is interesting with chronic disease.

The sun came out this evening, just in time to give a dazzling sunset.  Temps will be in the fifties tonight and low humidity.  The next couple of days will be heaven.

Tomorrow I see the oral surgeon and find out what comes next with the broken tooth saga.  I know there is an implant in my future.

I see the evening sky in my window.  Streaks of peach and soft blues light up the horizon and I am humbled by the beauty.  Nature has a way of reminding us what is important doesn't she?

This is the last week of June, spread some extra kindness and joy this week.  Expect the good in each day, in each person you meet, you will rarely be disappointed.


  1. Lights triggered my mother's migraines too. I watched her suffer with some really bad ones. I'm sorry you felt so bad.

  2. You never seem to get discouraged by this vertigo, migraine problem. I hope that you get a good rest today.
    Smiles & hugs,