Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wednesday with Jordan

This week is a transitional week at work and the next couple of weeks will be as well.  More of those goodbye days and hello days, the nature of the job.

It has been a beautiful day.  Early morning class and another one this afternoon.  In between, Jordan spent some time with us and I got a haircut.  It has been another busy day.

When I asked Jordan what he wanted for lunch today, he asked for spaghetti.  It seems no one at his house likes  spaghetti so our house is the place for home made spaghetti.  When the sauce was cooking he walked in the kitchen and told me "that smells so good."  We also made lemonade.  He left happy and full.

Rain moving back in tomorrow.  Today was blue skies and sunshine, but the humidity was building.
It is normal weather in Alabama, hot and humid.

My cup of hot tea is ready, so am I.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Spaghetti is a winner with my grandson - every supper if possible. We had a mild day today and the next 7 days the temps increase. I love a day that is in the 20-24 C degree range, an energy day. Hugs.

  2. Our family loves spaghetti especially with garlic bread. It's always a crowd pleaser.
    Enjoy today.
    Hugs, Julia