Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday, Good and Bad

It has been a busy day.  I am ok with that, but the humidity is building and when the air gets thick it is quite difficult for me to breathe.  So, a busy day means more energy and when it is hard to breathe, every thing you do requires more effort.  This too shall pass.

With the rains, this summer is so different from last.  All around us, there is lushness. Flowers are blooming, the trees are so green they seem to dazzle.  As the green becomes more apparent, so does
 the death of so many of our trees from last year's heat and drought.  It is sad to see them, brown and withered, in the midst of the lushness.

We spent time with our friend Louis today.  He is close to making his transition.  He spoke my name and that was the first time he had spoken today.  His body is shutting down.  Since the first time we met, we have spoken almost daily.  It hurts so much to think of not being able to pick up the phone and talk with him.  My prayer now, is that he does not suffer.  He has suffered  so much in his life and he is such a fighter, but most of all, he is a good friend.

I hope your Saturday brings you joy.  Tell those around you, you love them.  Life is short.

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  1. Your friend Louis seems like a fighter to be lasting this long. A good friend on earth is a good friend in heaven.
    Smiles and hugs