Thursday, June 29, 2017

Energy Shift

Today the weather changed, grey skies and rain drops and it seems it will continue for the next few days.  Our bodies feel those changes.  Everyone who came to class today felt the changes in their bodies or spirits or both.  All the upbeat energy from the days of sunny blue skies shifted.

Even the dogs seemed a little down today.  None of them like to go outside when it's raining and when the thunder and lightening began, nobody was happy.  The chickens didn't even complain about being left in the chicken house today.

It is pretty amazing how all living things are in tune with the universe and each other.  We might not admit it, but we are.  Energy is energy and any time there is a shift, we know it.

Tomorrow is Friday, the last day of June.  2017 is half over.  It seems like we have been living in this year forever, and then there are days that remind me of how fleeting time is.  Tomorrow do at least one thing you love.  Don't forget to spread some kindness.


  1. 'Nothing new under the sun'. The weather does indeed affect our bodies and spirits. Sadly, we, humans, can't control weather; only God or the Super Power can.

  2. Everything is made of energy and we all have energy fields around us and I'm sure you know this well. It's like you said, every time there's a shift, we all feel it.

    I'm slowly reading a book at bedtime, by Donna Eden called Energy Medicine. It's so amazing how we are affected by energy in our everyday life. When we have energy blocks in our meridians, we get sick but there are ways to unblock these stuck energies in our bodies.

    You might be interested in Donna Eden's youtube videos.

    We are having sunshine and showers everyday which is ok for the gardens but difficult for haying.

    Happy weekend.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. It's been raining the last 2 days and at work everyone was dragging a bit and ready to head for home! I know I feel it when the weather makes a change. Hope your weekend is good and sunshine makes it to your home!