Monday, April 1, 2019

April 1

April 1...Easter comes later this month

April 1...blackberry winter happens this month

April 1...were you fooled today?

April 1...50 today and 80 degrees by the end of this week, freeze warning last night

April 1...on the 27th in 2011 our state was devastated by tornadoes

April 1... a wedding to attend soon and two reunions

April 1...slowly the garden work is done, still a chance of frost mid-month

April 1... April is so fickle weather wise and can be so stormy

April 1...Easter eggs, bunnies and jelly beans

April 1...I miss getting a new Easter dress each year

April 1...don't like hunting Easter eggs, but love decorating them

April 1...jelly beans are good, but I love those Cadbury eggs too

April 1...Samantha's birthday is April 2, seems like yesterday she was Jordan's age

April 1...all my spring and summer clothes washed and hanging in my closet

1 comment:

  1. No I wasn't fooled this April Fool Day. Today is sunny and cool. You would probably call it cold. Have a happy April.
    Hugs, Julia