Thursday, April 25, 2019

A Gift

 A wonderful surprise when I walked outside this morning, my pink peony had bloomed.  My grandmother Mamie gave her to my mom and my mom gave her to me.  She is around 30 years old.
I love her, because when I look at her I feel my mom and my grandmother's love for me.
She is the gift that has kept on giving.

Twenty four hours with no episode, that is a gift as well.  Today has been a good day. I am grateful.

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  1. All this one sided ad and they never said how pretty your special peony is... Well it's pretty and I can't wait till mine bloom. Right now they are covered with debris and mud from the flood.

    I will have to remove the excess sediment from the flood because if I leave them as is, they will not bloom as they don't like to be deep. The water went down a bit but is expected to come back up with more rain coming.
    Hugs, Julia