Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Tuesday Thoughts

It's one of those transitional times at work.  All my students that have been so faithful have left, and there are new ones gradually finding their way to yoga.  For me, it is time to plant seeds and see what happens.  That is all I can do, plant seeds, nourish and hope for the best.

I started a new course of study for me today.  It is a course from the University of Minnesota teaching ways to deal with chronic pain.  Since so many of my students at work and community class have pain issues, I hope I will learn some new ways to help them manage pain.  An interesting fact I learned today, more money is spent on health care for chronic pain than for cancer, diabetes and heart disease.  We truly are a world in pain.

I have still not recovered from my flare this weekend at the wedding.  I see my doc tomorrow.  It had been months since I had an issue and I know the acupuncture helped so much.  But, something triggered my flare and I need to figure out what and why.

Have a smooth hump day tomorrow, be kind, spread joy.


  1. I like your optimism everytime you start a new line of treatment, like acupuncture. Optimism is good, it helps.
    However, judging by my own experience, you'll have the chance to get free of pain when you retire.
    Work, even if you like what you do, brings stress, and stress causes pain and health issues.

  2. I'm sorry about your flair-up I hope it will pass quickly. I agree with DUTA. Stress can manifest in many ways. Since i retired, I so much more relaxed.
    Hugs, Julia