Saturday, April 20, 2019

Ten Years

Ten years ago today, I wrote my first blog.  I was so unsure about this blog stuff, but Rick convinced me that it was a way to keep in touch with my students and talk about the work I did.  I didn't think anyone would be that interested in what I had to say.

To be honest there are many times I think about stopping, but then one of you will send me a message and I know there is someone out there reading my words.  So many have sent me words of encouragement through the past ten years...words that were sent to me from people I had never met.
But, these people had become friends in this strange and wonderful world of blogging.

Tonight I celebrate all of you and wish that somehow we could all meet.  It would be one giant block party, diverse and interesting, yet with common ground.  Thanks for being my blog friends, I hope our relationship continues to thrive.  I wish you all joy and kindness and good health.

May your Sunday be filled with peace.  May kindness and love wrap around you like a warm blanket.

1 comment:

  1. HAPPY EASTER Jilda and HAPPY 10 ANNIVERSARY of blogging.
    Hugs, Julia