Saturday, April 7, 2018

Blackberry Winter

Holy Cow!  Our high temp today was 43 degrees, we came close to setting a record.  Throw in the rain and it was a bone chilling April day.  My mother would be saying we are in the midst of Blackberry Winter, cold weather in the spring when the blackberries are blooming.  My mother would be right.

Our week/weekend have been topsy turvy.  We were suppose to leave on Thursday morning to visit friends in Gainesville Florida.  My brother's  heart issues  caused a change of plans.  A few weeks after we had made our plans visit our friends, the local library had called asking Rick to do a local author's event.  Because of our plans he declined.

Rick looked at me today and said tomorrow is the local author's event, I turned it down because of our trip.  I told him to call them, explain all that had happened and ask if he could still come.
Tomorrow he does the local author's book signing.  He is a happy man.

We both are still out of sorts from the stress of the week.  Today was a nice  laid back Saturday.
Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday, please be kind.


  1. I hope your brother is better. I'm glad you had a day to relax a bit. Your weather is as strange as ours has been! Nothing in bloom up here yet!

  2. 43 is pretty cool when you're used to warmer temperature. I wonder what is in store for late spring.

    I hope your brother is still improving. I have weeks like that sometime when al my plans falls through because of some unforeseen events.
    I hope you get plenty of rest today.
    Hugs, Julia