Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Those of you who read this blog often have probably figured out that I was sick last night, thus no entry.  Tomorrow I undergo a VNG test which hopefully will bring a better understanding of what is taking place with my "episodes."  From what I have been told this is not a pleasant test, so send me good thoughts in the morning.  6 years I have dealt with what one doctor called aseptic meningitis, another has called meniere's, no one has helped me deal with the symptoms and get my life back.
I am seeing a new doctor now, who has given me hope that he will at least figure out the puzzle.

It has been a beautiful spring day. I know that many of you live where spring has not arrived yet.
For that reason I continue to share my flowers with you, to give you hope that in time your spring will come.  Reminding everyone, please be kind today and everyday, we all need it.


  1. Good thoughts are coming your way. My very best wishes and hope for answers and solution.

  2. I hope that all goes well with a new doctor. Sometimes it takes a new perspective to get it figured out. Thanks for the look of Spring! We need it up here!

  3. Thanks for the flowers. They are gorgeous. I hope that you'll have all this figured out son. It seems to be such a mystery. Good luck.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. I do appreciate the pictures of Spring there at your house. You will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers. Hope this new doctor can find some answers for you.

  5. I have suffered Tinnitius for 2 years now. It is not pleasant. with daily light headness, ear pressure and a couple episodes of Vertigo, Im pretty sure I have developed meniere's but the doctors will not tell me that. That never have an answer. Im curious to learn whats going on with yours. I ran out of the ENT office when they mentioned doing those test on me. I was skeerd. Mine will go a few weeks ok then flare up for a couple weeks. Its aweful. Hope you get to feeling better.