Thursday, April 26, 2018

Sweet Day

So the doctor went over my test results with Rick and me today.  Good news, no tumor.  I start PT for the vertigo issues this week, and then the next week a couple of shots in the ear.  It seems many of my gut instincts were correct and the doctor is extremely supportive in helping me manage these Menieres flares.  He explained my hearing loss today as well.  He actually acknowledged what I had known all along, the loss came as a side effect of treatments I had taken a few years ago.

We left the clinic on a positive upbeat note.  With immune issues there are never any easy answers and usually no cures, but finding help managing those issues and living a normal life is what you strive for. 

We walked the dogs in the rain this morning and as we crossed the fields a sweet aroma filled my nose.  Wild honeysuckle!  It and gardenia, and peony are my favorite scents of spring and summer.  Now there are vases throughout the house filled with the potent flowers and our house smells wonderful.

I will teach  classes tomorrow and tomorrow night attend Rick's 50th high school reunion.  I know he is excited to see old friends.  I am excited because I finally have time to get my haircut in the morning.  With all this humidity, my hair is getting bigger and bigger, I am bringing back the bouffant. 

Sharing photo of my honeysuckle with you tonight, I wish you could smell it.


  1. I hope the treatments helps your vertigo. It's good that you have hope to manage your Meniere.
    The honeysuckle bouquet looks lovely.

    The river is in the flood stage this morning and we have water over the road. Keeping our fingers crossed that we don't loose power.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. I'm so glad to see you had some good things to report and some positive ways forward too. How wonderful to have really honeysuckle in your house.

  3. Good test results. I would not look forward to the shots in the ears but if they help...