Friday, April 6, 2018


Fatigue is still sitting on my shoulder today.  I did rather mindless tasks today, laundry, sweeping the floor, you know, automatic pilot stuff.  My plans were to cook this evening, but the brain and body were not willing so simple pasta and salad came to the table.

My brother came home around lunch and is doing great.  His wife Deb will probably need a couple of more days of rest, she stayed at the hospital with him and most of us know there is no rest in a hospital room for anyone but the patient.

Rain has moved in tonight and that is ok.  The sound of those drops on our tin roof will make sleeping very pleasant this evening.

I had thoughts of going in to work today and teaching the classes I missed yesterday.  Those thoughts lasted maybe five minutes.  I knew my body was screaming stay home and rest.

I hope this weekend brings all of you what you need, whether that be rest, fun, whatever.
And always, I hope there is kindness.


  1. I hope that you regain your energy Jilda. For me, it my painful shoulder that interrupts my sleep, draining my energy but it's getting a bit better, little by little.
    Hugs, Jlia

  2. I'm not so sure that even the patient gets any rest in a hospital. From the few days I ever spent in a hospital there was something constantly going on and if you managed to sleep, they's come and wake you up. Hope you do get that much needed rest. It takes time to recover from those tense moments.

  3. We all need to rest at times but often rest doesn't come easy