Sunday, April 15, 2018

Rogue Iris

Five inches of rain last night and the temps dropped almost 30 degrees.  Walking the dogs this morning felt like February, not April.  As we walked the area between the fence and road to the barn I got a happy surprise .  An iris from my mom and dad's flower beds had bloomed and was bravely waving in the cold wind.

My mom and dad loved working in their flowers and Iris was one of their favorites.  They had colors ranging from pure white, soft peach, to blues, purples and almost black.  One of my favorites was bronze .   After my mother passed my oldest sister Nell and I, dug up as many of the irises as we could.  My mom has been dead almost 13 years.  The iris that I transplanted here bloomed the year after she died and none had bloomed again until today.  Now you know why I was so excited.

I hope that this coming week is a good one for all of you.  Rick and I are so excited about our gig this week.  We have been practicing like crazy.   Wishing you a Monday full of kindness.


  1. The white iris is so pretty. I waish I had some of my mother's plants. Then again they would have died for me. I'm not good with plants.

  2. Your iris is so pretty. I think the main reason Irises don't bloom is that people plant them too deep. They should be divided after they finish blooming.
    The rhizone should sit on top of the soil, the roots spread out and covered with soil. The rhizones love baking in the sun but the soil should be kept moist for a few weeks.

    Hugs, Julia

  3. What a happy surprise for you! Hopefully now this one has bloomed it will continue to do so. Nature continually surprise me every day. Last week we saw a couple of 70 degree days, today we have a chance of snow. Hope you have a wonderful Monday and an amazing week!